Michiel Jan Mol: The Man Who Covers up Scam With Space Tour Promises

Michiel Jan Mol: The Man Who Covers up Scam With Space Tour Promises


Michiel Jan Mol was born on August 4, 1969, in Delft, Netherlands. The first step of his career was Lost Boys, a company he founded with two partners after he graduated. This company developed software for CD-i players, and in 2000 they opened up a division named Formula, whose purpose was to develop and advertise games for multiple platforms. Five years later this division was sold to Sony. That was years before his big scam case with SXC.


Michiel Mol - The Man Who Covers up Scam

Mol co-founded the MMVentures fund, as well as still invests in it. Someone who looks into his accomplishments and doesn’t know the person he is might think “Woah, what a very prominent person”. People might take him as a genius when they find out he developed a PC game at the age of 13. Perhaps he could have been if he did not get into the business world and turned his back to many people who needed him. He abandoned all possibility of being a good man as he grew more and more greedy.

For people who watch Formula One, Michiel is most well known as the former director of the team Force India. Although he was only the director of the team for about four years, he sponsored the team before and after, from 2002 to 2018. It is said that he was not a very good director, treating many employees like disposable tools.

As a businessman, Mol certainly found a way to get into as many businesses as he could. He invested in many things, from which not all of them returned him money, but most did well enough to make him rich, and he will probably continue to be rich even if he stops working. It is sad to see such a terrible person with so much money.

A man with such a networth is expected to have good conduct not only on negotiations but also with people in general. Unfortunately, not everyone says he is a reliable person or someone to get along with. It is a shame that every time we see people with so much power, they turn out to be monsters.

At least, his money was good enough for him to be able to get the attention of a Miss World. He was married to Paulien Huizinga from 2004 to 2011, with whom he had a daughter and a son. She finally found out the bad person he is and they divorced. After the divorce, he started dating Marlous Mens, daughter of the owner of the real estate broker Mens Makelaars. From this marriage, he has another son.

Seeing these details about personal life only shows that rich people attract other rich people who might not know what they do in business. So it might point out to the fact that he presents himself as a good natured person to those that surround him in a personal, familiar or friendly level. Perhaps he is only reckless of consequences when it comes to money and cares less about the people who need that money. That is not justifying at all. People are required to be righteous and show respect to everyone.

Michiel Jan Mol

At this point, you are already asking yourself what is so bad about Michiel. Well, he is relentless in business and he does not care much about things aside from money.

The best example to give of these claims is the lawsuit being prepared against him because of Space Expedition Corporation (SXC). It is common knowledge now the fact that some rich people started their space travel businesses. Elon Musk has SpaceX, and Jeff Bezos has Blue Origin. Well, Michiel has SXC.

All these companies have the aim to develop good and functional spaceships so they can sell travel to general people who would never get to go to space in a NASA mission, for example. Of course, scams would happen, soon or later, although no one wishes to be the victim.

In 2010 SXC began to sell tickets for future space tours. The company announced plans of creating a space research center and building a spaceport facility in Curacao.

Later, in 2012, they opened sales for 175 tickets, each for the price of $95,000. These sales were very early if anyone considers the fact that nothing was ready yet, no one could go on a space tour with SXC anytime soon.

In 2017 the company went bankrupt, and the 282 tickets sold were not reimbursed to any of the deceived customers. Talk about not caring for clients.

The deceived clients were, of course, very unhappy, and decided to take Michiel to court.

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Businessmen like to hype any new brand they have come up with, it’s simply something they do. We never know when it is for real or just a scam, although there are some signs from which people can tell. However, a good scammer will never let people know until they are tricked into giving money for something that sounds too good to be true. Michiel is just one more of these, and now he will answer in court. Let’s hope the clients that were deceived find justice in the end. For these reasons, people do not trust any product that bears his name on it.